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Nursery Decor Trends We Expect Will Be Hot In 2019

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There's something particularly special about a nursery design. Yes, it's a little superfluous, considering the baby won't appreciate it for years to come. But there's magic in designing a space for a person who hasn't yet arrived. And let's face it, you may as well enjoy it quite a lot considering how much time you're going to be spending in it! 

Nursery trends often mimic the trends we see in the rest of the house — and 2019 is no different. Plants are hot, natural fibers like rattan are popping up everywhere, and people are taking more chances on bolder prints and patterns. And in some nurseries, all of those are evident! 

The only real problem you'll have is trying to decide which of these beautiful inspiration images will make its debut in your home before (or after!) your little one arrives.