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Movies That Traumatized Us As Kids (And Why)

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Even when a storyline is so far-fetched it could never happen in real life, certain movies leave a visual impression that is hard to shake, even decades later. And, even some movies that seem harmless on the surface can be pretty scary through the eyes of a child.

An alien landing in the forest behind a subdivision, a man with a melted face and super sharp nails, a horse drowning in quicksand. With open minds and vivid imaginations, kids can easily become traumatized and fixated by what they see on the screen, (which is also important for us to remember as parents!).

We asked adults of all ages which films left them with a lasting pit in their stomach, and why. Thank you to all those movie watchers out there who shared their experiences. Now be prepared to both laugh and wince as you commiserate. And, maybe take a few notes for your kids.