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Coming up with a birth plan is a very personal decision — and one that's not typically taken lightly by expectant parents. There are so many different factors to take into consideration. Does the expecting mom want to try for a med-free birth experience, go for an epidural, or something in between for pain management? Or maybe a planned C-section is the safest route to go. Does she want only her partner present for delivery? Or perhaps a best friend, her sisters, and her mom as well?

One of the biggest details moms-to-be decide on ahead of childbirth is where they prefer to labor and deliver. Although the vast majority of women opt for a hospital birth, some expecting moms prefer to deliver in the comfort of their own homes. Others go for a birthing center, which offers a sort of middle ground as far as medical equipment and healthcare options are concerned. 

Of course, there are risks associated with delivering at home. However, if you have a complication-free pregnancy and want to give it a try then you're in good company. (Having the guidance of a midwife and an emergency back-up plan in place are good things to have, too!) That's because plenty of celebrities have delivered at home — whether as a part of their original birth plan, or by complete accident. Let's take a look at a few of them, shall we? There's...