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19 Moms Share What Their C-Section Was Really Like

6. Michelle C.
"I was up and showering the next morning. I really only used strong pain medications for a day, and then it was all ibuprofen. I was moving slowly, but I was walking around by the second day. The hardest part was getting from lying down to upright, which was an issue for about the first two or three weeks. I had to be careful and plan my movements if I had to pick my baby up off of the play mat on the floor, because that involved some pain. From my bed, I figured out a way to roll my feet onto the floor first and push myself up. I had instructions not to lift anything heavier than my baby for the first six weeks, which also required some planning. Once I could drive, I started going to a weekly new mom group. I heard so many horrible delivery stories and so many women said that it hurt to pee for weeks and that they felt their insides would fall out every time they did. I felt like my c-section was so much easier and had such an easier recovery."