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Moms Share What Finally Worked For Sleep Training Their Kids

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14. Hand In Hand Parenting
“The approach to Hand In Hand Parenting is based on the premise that the main reason non-hungry babies and children wake is that of stress and emotional upset. The website has a series of tools to help parents listen to their child's emotions so they can process them and sleep better. One is ‘laughter play’ which promotes the release of the sleep hormone melatonin. One of the reasons kids get giggly in the evening is because it's nature’s way to wind them down to sleep. The other tool is crying, which is a natural way to release cortisol through tears. Many sleep problems happen because we think we have to fix emotions, but focusing on listening instead can help children release the feelings that stop their sleep — a process called staylistening, which is staying with a child and allowing their feelings to happen as they come.” -Kate O., Hand In Hand instructor