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Moms Share Their Joyful Military Reunions

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Can I Come Home?
There's not always a big ceremony, especially if your soldier deployed with a specialized group. Jessica actually had two homecomings for her husband. He came back to Fort Belvoir for one night before he had to go to Fort Bliss for reintegration.

Jessica shared, "He initially said that he was just going to sleep in the barracks and wait until he was coming home for good. But he called me the day he came in and asked if he could come home.

I thought it was sweet and a bit funny that he felt he had to ask because he was the one who said he wanted to wait. I, of course, said yes, and with no time to really plan, we headed off and met him in the middle of the night."

Jessica and her baby girl Aurora got all dolled up for the "real" homecoming later on.