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Moms Share Their Joyful Military Reunions

Meeting The Baby
Not only do some soldiers not make it in time to witness their baby's grand entrance into the world, some don't get leave to come home at all. Jalyn's husband watched the birth of his second child via FaceTime. She explained beautifully her feelings the moment he held their baby for the first time:

"Military wives are, generally speaking, programmed to be independent and self-sufficient. I had to be those things for 10 months and so when I handed over our son, it was like a culmination of a very long, arduous event. I felt relief and an overwhelming sensation of love. It wasn't unlike the love-rush mothers experience after childbirth.

The hard work is over. You are proud and in love and exhausted all at once. The moment is beautiful and unsurpassed. I count myself lucky because I got to experience that love-rush twice: once when our son was placed in my arms, and again, when I watched my husband's arms enfold him."