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Moms Share Their Joyful Military Reunions

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Imperfect Perfection
When it's your first time, it's hard to know what to expect regarding your soldier's return. And you know what they say about about the best laid plans. Military wife Meg shared her story:

"The night before Eric came home, my friend stayed overnight to talk me through the whole process. In the morning, she fixed my hair and made sure I looked picture perfect. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the endless waiting or the hot spring SoCal sun!

This was my first homecoming, and I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be able to walk away with him immediately or would there be a formation first? How early did I need to get there? Could I bring our dog?

I ended up getting there well in advance, even with regular updates about his location and progress through their end-of-deployment checklist. I just wanted this very first welcome home to be perfect, to show him how well I had handled life over the last year.

As the hours dragged on, I kept thinking about the roast I had set in the crockpot. It was definitely supposed to be done at that point! Even with the heat killing my curls, my mascara running, and the very overcooked roast, the moment he stepped off the bus was magic."