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Moms Share The Hardest Parts Of Raising Kids After Divorce (Or Separation)

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But We All Survived
"I had three kids to my ex-partner, who'd had an affair. I was pregnant with my third child when I told him if he wanted to live like a single man he could leave.

The early years were very tough because I wasn’t working and was living hand to mouth. Then the teenage years were tough trying to juggle everything on my own. At least I could go downtown on my own and get a break from them. The hardest part was not having someone to share the workload, help make decisions, and tell you you were doing it right.

The bottom line is we all survived. They're adults now. My greatest reward is that they turned out to be kind, loving, and wonderful people and they're my best achievement in life. It was tough raising them on my own — they made me laugh, cry, and get angry but I can see the results of my hard work. That is the greatest gift of all."

~ Steph M.