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Moms Share The Hardest Parts Of Raising Kids After Divorce (Or Separation)

The Constant Guilt
"I constantly feel guilty in my post-marriage life and it's one of my biggest struggles. I feel guilty when I'm with my kids and it's a one-woman show, trying to get everything done. That includes my work and to earn enough money to keep our bills paid, the cooking, cleaning, and getting everyone to sleep without melting down. I worry about how my ex is coping and feel guilty about his emotional state as a result of our separation.

Mostly, I feel guilty when I'm not with my kids. I should really be focusing on myself and enjoying my free time on my few nights off a month, but it's easier said than done. Usually, as soon as I'm away from my kids, I'm thinking about them and feel a mix of emotions about them being away from me."

~Sarah B.