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Milestone Photos You'll Want To Capture Of Your Child

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I never bought a set of milestone cards when I had my daughter, although when I went to fill her baby book with photos, I wished I had. I managed to capture most of her baby milestones, but there were a few I hadn't thought to keep track of or photograph. That's why a checklist like this may be helpful to keep on the inside of a cabinet in your baby's nursery, just so you could have a peek once in a while to see what milestone might be coming up. 

And, this list isn't meant to put any additional pressure on you as a parent — kids meet milestones at different ages and each child's development looks totally different. But these are milestones most babies and kids will meet at some point in their younger months and years, and having a photo to document that first day of walking or one of their first foods will be fun to revisit when they're much older and you can barely remember that phase!