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Meet The World's Royal Teenagers

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You know everything about Prince Harry and Prince William, but what about the next generation of royals? Many of us saw Gen-X and Millennial royals grow up in front of our eyes, whether that was through magazine pictures, televised life events, or official royal announcements. But as these royals settle into adulthood, who are the next generation of young royals preparing to take their thrones? Meet the world's royal teens, who have been learning since birth how to lead the world one day. 

These teens come from all different parts of the world, from Dubai to the Netherlands to Lesotho. They all come from long family dynasties that are hundreds if not over a thousand years old, and have known from a young age that they will one day shoulder great responsibility. But before that happens, these royal teens are enjoying being kids. They're going to school, traveling with friends, playing with their pets, and spending time with their families, just like any other teen. Just in between midterms, they're also learning the ins and outs of what it takes to rule a country. Ahead are the world's royal teens. Learn their faces, because one day they will be the royals leading the show.