My new country is the only home they've ever known.
Whether you're a single mom or dad, or just going it alone sometimes, parenting is more challenging without help.
From kid-friendly happy hours to challenging gender stereotypes, millennial parents rock!
by Liz Marple
Today's kids are lucky these practices have mostly been thrown out the window!
It is easier than you might think to make him feel special.
Do you dabble in DIY or avoid projects like the plague?
The right dog is more than just man's best friend.
We'll help you pick your perfect pooch!
Here's how to be a beacon (instead of a helicopter) for your kids.
Having children of a different ethnicity goes beyond typical parenting.
The rest of the world really does do things pretty differently sometimes!
These dog breeds aren't the best when you have little ones.
Switching from being child-centered to family-centered has made our lives so much better.
Let's hear it straight from the source!
Do you shadow your child to the extent of checking every homework assignment, clean her room when she's more than capable and at an age when she should be responsible for her space, and dictate which kids to invite to her birthday party?
Maybe we could learn something from our parents' generation?
Whether you're starting your journey or announcing the result of it, these are the most adorable adoption announcements!
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