A Letter Of Support To All The MLM Moms Out There

Moms who do multi-level marketing jobs deserve support, not criticism.

Dear MLM Mom,

I know you get picked on a lot for flooding everyone’s feeds with requests to buy your products (or surreptitiously attempting to sell us something). But I want you to know I support you. I may not buy your products because I’m a bit of a minimalist by nature, but I welcome your courage in my newsfeed.

Because, that’s what it is — courage. It takes guts to ask everyone you know to support your business. It’s not easy to face rejection or sideways glances or flat out ghosting from the people you contact. And it takes even more courage to keep doing it again and again in spite of the haters.

And, I’m here to tell you I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. I get it. I’ve sought ways to financially contribute to my family while being able to stay home with my kids. I’ve launched business ideas that later failed and I’ve even read through MLM sales pitches in consideration of whether I wanted to sell something myself. 

I know they say it’s too good to be true — that they’re all schemes to get your money. And, honestly, I’m sure some of them are. But I still support the moms hustling to make money for their families. I’ve never met one who didn’t believe in what she was selling — and, truthfully, some of the products have seemed genuinely great.

So, if you’re out there wanting to make ends meet, willing to put yourself out there for your family, I salute you. Keep being bold and brave and not letting other people get you down (just be careful that you're not being hustled in return). 

And, if you’re reading this and you’re someone who has shamed MLM moms before, I ask you to reach a bit deeper. Maybe you’ve never felt pressure to contribute more financially to your family. Maybe you’re lucky and you like your job or you’re able to stay home with your children and you feel fulfilled as is — but for many moms, there’s a strong desire for more. More success, more money, more time spent with our growing children, (and, when I say more, it’s actually often just enough — a dream of having enough to be home). So, instead of judging, throw them a thumbs up or a heart on their posts once in a while, even if you have no intention of buying anything. It can be a lonely world out there.


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