Kim Kardashian Warns YouTube (And Parents) About 'The Momo Challenge'

If you haven't heard of this sick suicide challenge yet, you'll want to monitor your family's screen time closely.

The 'Momo Challenge' sounds like something out of a twisted horror film. A creepy picture of a Japanese sculpture supposedly pops up in the middle of your child's screen time and asks them to do a series of things, including hurt themselves, and ultimately even commit suicide. It also tells kids to keep it a secret from their parents or they will be killed. And, according to some, 'the Momo' is popping up all over the place, from apps like WhatsApp to YouTube videos of everything from Peppa Pig to those annoying LOL doll videos your kids insist on watching.

While YouTube denies existence of the videos and is monitoring the situation, parent reports say differently. As Kim Kardashian posted in an Instagram story pictured below, parents are warning each other across social media platforms to be careful with what their kids are viewing. And, Kardashian herself is begging YouTube to do something about it, causing some to wonder if her kids were exposed, (although we're pretty sure most parents feel angry about this, whether their kids have seen 'the Momo' or not!). 

While some are still questioning whether the whole thing is an urban legend and whether any of these parents have actually seen 'the Momo' themselves, a mother in Scotland shared 'the Momo' messages her 8-year-old son received via WhatsApp with The Daily Mail. Other parents around the world have also come forward with similar stories and the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has been linked to the sick challenge. Accordingly, we applaud Kardashian for helping bring attention to the threat, regardless of whether it currently exists on YouTube or not. 

Senior Editor, Mabel + Moxie