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Let's Tone Down Those Over-The-Top Kid Birthday Parties

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In the TV adaptation of Big Little Lies, Laura Dern’s character, Renata, throws a birthday party for her first grade daughter, Amabella. With a budget in the thousands, it features a magician, princesses, super heroes and Frozen-themed goodie bags. Afterwards, Renata considers that Amabella may need some form of therapy to recover from the festivities.

And, while it may seem a little funny, it's common to feel like some sort of R&R is in order before, during, and after your kid’s birthday, because the pressure to throw the perfect party, the large financial investment, and the fear of disappointing our children and their friends looms large. At a bare minimum post-party, parents need a nap and some ibuprofen.

Instead of buying into the birthday blowout, consider how simple pleasures make for great happiness. Less can actually be much more. And, just think how many of the parents in your circle will be happy to be let off the hook if you forgo the mega party. After all, we all know the feeling of being overbooked. 

Let's take a look at how we can all do things a little differently when it comes to celebrating our child's birthday.