1. Make Things Simple For Yourself
Not in the mood to spend so much time shopping with your kids? Make this year easier (and more fun!) by trying Stitch Fix Kids. You'll receive 8 to 12 handpicked items ranging in price from $10 to $35 apiece and customized to fit their individual tastes.

I was lucky enough to try the service for my two daughters and loved how much care is put into making sure we'll receive clothes to match each of their unique personalities and styles. I also appreciated that this isn't a traditional subscription product-- you can opt for deliveries as often or seldom as you'd like.

When you sign up, you get to pick which looks, colors, and patterns your child likes-- which is a really fun way to let your kids get involved in the process. And, you also input preferences for what they won't wear, as well as which types of clothing they need most. 

We can't wait for our fix to arrive in the mail! (And, the added anticipation of not knowing what we're getting is pretty fun!)