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Ways To Foster Independence In Your Kids (At Any Age)

Choose Calculated Risks
Children are natural risk takers from the moment they are mobile.They want to climb to the highest point and move as fast as they can away from a parent. If you have lived through a toddler that runs head first into traffic, bless you.

Risk is important, though. But wait, I’m not suggesting you let your wild child fling themselves from the roof. Calculated (thought out and measured) risk is different. Calculated risk is when we weigh the benefits against the dangers and decide the risk it is worth it. It’s when our children want to ride their bikes around the block and we discuss with them the importance of a helmet, safe and unsafe practices, and when we expect them to be home before we let them go. We know that letting them ride on their own is a risk, but we decide that the opportunity for independence is worth it with some simple precautions.