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Ways To Foster Independence In Your Kids (At Any Age)

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When we hold our precious babies in our arms for the first time and we feel that overwhelming surge of love, we make a promise to keep them safe. Without ever having to come to a conscious conclusion, we know that we will devote our lives to them and their well-being. It is instinctual as a parent to want to keep our most precious treasures close, but how close is too close? At what point do we let go and allow them to stretch their wings?

Fostering an independent spirit in our children doesn’t need to go against our instincts to protect them. In fact, an independent child will be be better prepared for the inevitable struggles that they will face throughout their lives. And, an independent child will grow into a confident teenager and then a young adult who is ready to strike out on their own.

So what can you do now that will build up your children’s independence? Simple changes to the way you view your children and your relationship with them can have a big impact that will last a lifetime.