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So you've decided your kids are going to share a room, (or already do!). To make it easier on everyone, it's important to create an inviting space with plenty of storage options. And, the more fun you make the room, the more likely your kids are going to be excited about the prospect of sharing space. With any luck, they'll be thanking you by the time you're done.

IKEA is a great resource for parents looking to set up a room for multiple kids. Not only does it have a ton of storage options, but it also offers plenty of affordable touches to make a room more fun for kids of any age. Truly, it's the perfect marriage of practical, affordable, AND fun.

Ready to take a look? While IKEA has put a lot of energy into making sure its furniture is safe for children, be sure to still tether top-heavy pieces to your walls to prevent injury. After all, we know kids like to climb. The following selection of items fits a range of ages, so if you don't immediately see something you love, keep clicking.