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How to Help Foster Kids Without Being a Foster Parent

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My husband and I became accidental foster parents after adopting our daughter. We had the licensing and we figured we could add a baby here or there for shorter stretches of time. We loved it, and loved being able to help families in crisis in that way. But, when we adopted again, we ran out of room in our house (and car!) to be able to foster. Then we moved to a country that makes it very difficult to foster anyway, and it was so hard not to be able to directly help these kids anymore. However, there are so many ways you can help foster kids without being a foster parent.

For some people, fostering isn't possible because of work restrictions or simply because they don't have enough room in their home (or car) for an an additional person. But there are alternative ways to provide help. Having been a foster parent, I can tell you having a village to support you and your foster child can make all the difference — and can help keep foster families from burning out when they're needed now more than ever. 

If you'd like to help foster kids but aren't in a position to foster, here's a whole host of ways you can do so.