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How To Protect Your Child From Bullying At School

2. Be Careful About Using Labels
While it's important for bullying to be addressed, use care around using the word bully. Sometimes perceived unkindness is really a mutual misunderstanding between children. While this doesn't make it any less painful, these situations can often be resolved when kids are given the opportunity to talk to one another and work out the dispute with a caring adult.

As an elementary school teacher, I've seen this word get thrown around too easily by kids and parents in an attempt to escalate a situation. Before gathering the details, it's best not to call the other child a bully as this may affect your child's perception of the situation.

On the same token, you shouldn't just assume your child is complaining for no reason. Whenever a child comes home feeling upset about a social interaction at school, it's important to talk through what happened and figure out whether additional action is warranted. If it can't be resolved or is ongoing, it's definitely important to push for additional attention at school.