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How To Make Kids With Special Needs Feel Included At Birthday Parties

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There’s a lot that goes into planning a birthday party for your child. There’s the party supplies, food, the invitations, where it’s going to be held, along with what seems like a million other little things. There can even be a lot of thought that goes into making an invitation list. Do you invite everyone in your child’s class? Just a few friends?

One thing that needs to be considered is children who may need special accommodations. We’ve heard stories from parents about how their child was the only one in the class to not receive an invitation because they had a disability or special need. When considering whether or not to invite a child with special needs to a birthday party, the answer should always be yes. It’s true, some accommodations may need to be made, or more information given in advance, but the end result is always worth it.

We received insight from real parents on how we can all make kids with special needs feel included at birthday parties. Here are some of their tips for throwing an inclusive party.