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How To Build An Effective Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

1. Embrace The Importance Of A Routine
As an adult, it's easy to switch up our routines based on the night of the week, but babies truly need consistency. 

Dr. Amelia Bailey shared, “If your child isn’t sleeping through the night, there are several ways to ease your child into a full night's sleep. One of the most important factors for my two girls is having an established bedtime routine."

She added, "We teach our children how to do everything: eat, talk, play. But do we remember to teach our children to sleep? That’s right-- sleep, while a natural part of our biorhythms, is still a behavior that needs to be cultivated. Establishing a bedtime routine allows them to settle down over 15-20 minutes, and it communicates nonverbally to our child what is coming next. Most nights, both of my girls will sleep over 10 hours.”