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Honest Things We Wish Our Partner Had Known To Support Us Through Birth And Recovery

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Our partners aren't mind readers. They need us to tell them what we need, but we're not always great at doing that. Plus, we're pregnant, or we're in the throes of labor, or we're just trying to survive the day-to-day in the postpartum period and it can be hard to express what we really need. 

It's easy to think if we could go back in time and let them know what we needed, we would've had a better experience or a better recovery. While obviously this isn't possible, it's good to remember in case there's a next time. 

Having a new baby is stressful. We talked to 20 women who've had babies about what they honestly wish their partners knew to support them during labor and the postpartum period. Many of the answers surrounded breastfeeding, sex and being able to handle our constantly changing emotions. Let's take a look.