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Hilarious Toddler Fails That'll Make Your Life Feel Normal

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Navigating toddlerhood is like nothing you ever expected. Sure, you thought there'd be tantrums and potty training, but did you really have any idea what these things would actually entail? Like did you ever imagine you'd have poop on your foot or be carrying a little human surfboard style out of the library?

The real answer is that toddlerhood is super messy. The transition from being a baby to a kid isn't always easy and there's a reason why #todderlife and #toddlerfail are well-loved hashtags. Fortunately, toddlers are also ridiculously cute (most of the time!). And, when you look at it all as an adventure, it becomes a little easier to laugh through the chaos.

Ready for some hilarious toddler fails? The following tweets will make you feel less alone in the craziness that is toddlerhood.