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Adoption Is Not A Fix For Infertility
It seems obvious to say that adoption won’t cure infertility, but the distinction between choosing adoption and turning to it as a last resort is important. If a couple wants to conceive, that desire wont be cured by adopting. It isn’t fair to them or to the child if adoption is treated like it’s a second best option.

When couples adopt, they have to see the value in love existing outside of genetics. There is a persistent misconception that adoption is too expensive or too hard, and that turns many people away that would otherwise like to adopt. If adoption is already in a family’s mind but it takes infertility to make them look closer at it, it can be a happy surprise for them. If a family enters adoption resigned to it as the only way to grow their family, it will end in hard feelings all around. Thankfully, counseling is usually recommended or required by couples that have had struggles with infertility before they can adopt.