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When my daughter was born, we had six hours notice that she was coming. I was too superstitious throughout the adoption process to prepare a nursery for her, but if I had, I would have been on the hunt for the most beautiful gender neutral nursery ideas. And whether you're finding out the gender of your baby beforehand or not, gender neutral nurseries are topping the baby room trend list at the moment. Plus, they're versatile — if you happen to have another baby on the way soon after, he or she can be welcomed home without a ton of decor changes. 

Many colors are now used for both boys and girls, which is a welcome change to the standard blue or pink. Green and grey are lovely options if you're thinking about a gender neutral nursery, and will be soothing to you and baby as you rock and feed them for the months to come.

One way to start on a gender neutral nursery is to choose a color that you enjoy, since you're the one who's going to care more about the furnishings for the next few years! Add in warmth with soft furnishings and textiles, and you'll have a room both you and your baby can appreciate.

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