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Peace Out
There are lots of reasons to learn how to manage your stress and anxiety, both fertility and non-fertility related. Stress is a big factor in our overall health and wellbeing, and can contribute to everything from acne to decreased longevity. But did you know that there is a direct correlation between stress and rates of conception?

A national Institutes of Health study found a correlation between higher levels of a stress marker in the saliva with lower levels of conception — the highest 25% of stress marker with a 12% decrease in rates of pregnancy. And that's just one study!

Take some time and figure out what works for you to bring your stress level down. Maybe it's meditating in that newly Feng Shui'd bedroom, or maybe it's a hot bath, or maybe it's a yoga class, or a hike outdoors, or maybe it's just curling up on the couch for a much needed quiet night in. Whatever it is that brings you peace, make it a part of your regular routine, and if you can't justify doing it for yourself quite yet, do it for your fertility!