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Lube Up
Sometimes, no matter what we do and how much foreplay we engage in, we just need a bit of help in the lubrication department. Even if you feel like you are self-lubricating well enough, you might find that adding a little extra something to the mix can be fun and exciting. Plus, in the fertility world, lubrication is not just for fun and pleasure, it can mean the difference between mission success and failure for the little sperm soldiers swimming their way toward your ovaries. Give those little guys a hand!

Just like everything else that you put in or on your body, you want to choose a lube that is good for you and free of all of the chemical junk that can interfere with your hormones and health. One of my very favorite solutions is the wonderful Holy Yoni from the LA based company Moon Juice.

This stuff smells incredible, feels amazing, and is made of all natural and nourishing ingredients that help you with lubrication but also with conditioning the sensitive skin of your lady parts which may be getting a bit of extra friction these days. Bonus: If you become pregnant, this oil can help to preserve suppleness and elasticity in the labial and vaginal area as you prepare for childbirth. Win, win!