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Taking Temperatures
We've all seen representations in pop culture of frantic women calling out to their husbands that they need to make a baby RIGHT NOW because they took their temperature. While there are all sorts of problems with these images, they do hint at something that is really important, and that's Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting.

BBT Charting involves taking your basal body temperature at a consistent time daily, just after waking up, and logging the results for the entirety of your 28 day cycle. By completing this process for a few months in succession and noting the changes in your body temperature which indicate ovulation, you can get a really good picture of your own cycle, thus understanding when you are ovulating and what days in the month are your most fertile.

This is important information to have, not only for the direct best-time-to-call-your-partner data, but also because a key element of any fertility challenge is to cultivate a really strong connection to and awareness of your body. Once you know what's going on with your cycle, you can know where you need to focus your energies and begin to have a more innate sense of the changes happening in your fertility and general health.

Ready to get started? Try this link for a printable BBT Chart and instructions!