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Talk To The (Wo)Man In The Mirror
This is a big one. Making the time and emotional space for self-reflection can be a daunting and potentially unpleasant task that we may want to avoid like the plague, but we've got to just do it.

What I'm referring to here is not making an inventory of all the things you need to change, but rather being really honest with yourself about how you are doing. Are you feeling anxious, or even depressed? How are you relating to yourself in the light of your fertility challenges? Are you feeling shame or having feelings that it is your fault somehow? How would you feel if your infertility was not resolved, and what would be your next step in that case? How are you relating to the people around you and is your stress manifesting in behavior that maybe isn't your best?

Take some time to think it all over, and then decide if you want to talk about these things with your partner, or maybe you want to reach out to a therapist or faith leader. Whatever you decide, it's important that you remain honest so that you can make good decisions about how best to approach your mental and emotional health as you move through this event in your life. You are more than your fertility struggle and spending time thinking about these things can help you remember that!