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Reach Out
If you have a partner in your fertility journey, nurturing and cultivating that connection is just as important as nurturing and cultivating your connection with yourself. It is so easy to shut down in times of stress and give into feelings of shame or inadequacy that lead to feelings of isolation and loss of self-worth. This goes for men too, after all about 40% of fertility challenges can be related to factors existing in the male partner's physiology.

Making a consistent effort to communicate honestly with your partner about how you are feeling and listen without judgement to how they are feeling is the number one way to keep that relationship healthy, dynamic, and supportive. If you do not have a partner, or do not feel ready to communicate with your partner in that way, start by reaching out to a friend or family member and cultivating a warm and personal connection that makes you feel safe as you move through all of the emotions that can be triggered as you come to terms with and work through infertility.

Remember that even if you don't have someone in your life that you feel you can reach out to, you are not alone, and you can find support and even local support groups through The National Infertility Association's website and helpline. They are ready and waiting for you.