I was anti-supplement for years. I mean, I eat a healthy diet, so why take pills? Well, guess what — our food does not contain the same level of nutrition that it once did due to our modern agricultural practices. Crazy, right? 

Now, you still need to eat good food. A pizza and a daily vitamin won't keep the doctor away, but in order to reach the levels that we need to keep the incredible machines of our bodies running at top performance, we've got to add a little extra to get to the finish line. And this is especially important when we are dealing with fertility challenges.

Taking a fertility targeted supplement is really a key piece of the puzzle. If you become pregnant you will take a prenatal vitamin to support baby's body growth, so do the same for your own body too!

I love Binto, but there are a million formulations out there, so find something that works for you, and your wallet.