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If you're already cringing at this slide, I'll ask you to stick with me here for a minute. Connecting with something spiritual does not have to mean being religious in a traditional sense if that does not work for you. Connecting spiritually is just connecting with something outside of yourself that represents the bigger picture. The writer Anne Lamott has a story about her friend who finally just referred to his higher power as HP, and that worked great for him!

If you're comfortable with prayer, pray. If you are more like Anne of Green Gables and want to go into a field and just feel your prayer, do that. If you are open to meditation, just sitting quietly and breathing in through your nose and out through your nose slowly for a few minutes is a perfectly good way to start.

Can you imagine how freeing it is to open yourself up to the idea that everything that happens in the universe is not about or caused by you? Engaging in that openness and willingness to be a part of the big picture is what making space for spirituality is all about, and making that space can be a balm in trying times, and a great source of stress relief, which is certainly welcome when struggling with a fertility challenge. Go ahead, give it a try!