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Don't Despair
There is plenty of anecdotal and scientific evidence out there to convince us all that infertility is a major cause of stress and of strain on relationships, but did you know that the emotional toll of dealing with infertility is actually on par with that of battling cancer? Crazy, right? Well, maybe it doesn't seem so crazy if you are living through it.

Here's the final piece of the puzzle though, don't lose hope. Even if you try everything and you never become pregnant, you are more than your infertility. You are whole, and you have options to move forward, either without raising a child, or by providing a home for one of the many children in the world who desperately need love and family.

Stay positive and open. Use all of the tools in your toolbox. Nourish your body and soul, and give love freely to yourself and your relationships. Above all, be good to yourself and find the resources that make sense for you to keep stress at bay, and keep your eyes and heart looking ahead to a wide and adventure filled future, and you will be prepared for whatever it holds!