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Be For Foreplay
Now that you've got your bedroom on the right track, let's talk about sex. If you are a couple that does not require medical intervention to conceive, and even if you are not, sex is part of the fertility equation, and not just for the function of getting egg and sperm to meet. Sex and intimacy are an important part of pair bonding, as well as stress reduction. A good sex life, including the ahem, relationship you have with yourself, can boost your mood, and even your immune system.

Here's the trick — scheduling mechanical sex for the purposes of having a baby is not going to give you the same benefit, and may actually cause more stress and less intimacy between partners. It's so hard because you are focused on attaining this goal of having a baby, but slowing down and taking time to warm up the body can help both your body, and your relationship.

Foreplay is your friend in love and in fertility. By taking the time to engage in foreplay, you take the time to make sure that your sex, even baby-making sex, does not become transactional and is based on enjoyment of each other and your sexual relationship, not just duty.

Foreplay makes sex more enjoyable, and gets the female body ready to be physically receptive — and no, it is not a drag for your partner to make you feel good! Don't worry if you can't make it to orgasm every time, enjoy the process and soon enough you'll find that your baby-making sex is something to look forward to whether you get that little blue line or not.