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Practice Gratitude
Let's talk about scarcity. We have a big problem with scarcity in our culture, one that seems to get worse by the day as we swipe through Instagram worthy, Pinterest perfect homes and clothes, and families. We live in a state of absolute abundance in a way that many people would find unimaginable. So how is it that we feel like we never have enough, or maybe more accurately that we are not enough?

This is a dilemma that can seem impossible to maneuver in the midst of fertility challenges —what you want is a baby, not a car. But a practice of gratitude can help just as much in feeling your way through a difficult time as it can in helping to not hit buy on that late night shopping cart. Just like you have enough, you are enough and you will be okay. The practice of actively reminding yourself of that fact, as well as the fact that your journey so far through infertility has taught you things about yourself and your life that you never would have known otherwise, has been proven to increase feelings of wellbeing, which in turn fight stress and depression. So, find that silver lining, while also honoring your pain. and strive for emotional balance.

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