Lower The (Trans)Fats
The fats debate is soooo confusing. Should we be buying low fat products, or diving into Keto "fat bombs"? The answer for fertility is, well, both.

I know, that isn't very helpful. But really, the key is that trans and saturated fats have a negative impact on ovulation and egg health, while plant, fish, and some dairy based fats are crucial for our reproductive and overall health. 

The bottom line is toss anything that contains trans fats, thought they are mercifully rare these days. If you're buying red meat, go lean and drain off the fats that are released trough cooking, which also eliminates toxins stored in the animal's body fat. Choose fish that has good omegas content, and load up on nuts, seeds, olive oil, and fruits and veggies like the beloved avocado which are filled with fats that will make your hair shine and your ovaries smile.