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Build Good Fences
Creating healthy boundaries is super important in navigating fertility challenges. Think about it; if all of your emotional energy is spent on deflecting unwanted questions, attention, or even well-meaning advice, what will you have left for everything else you need to do?

Take a bit of time to think about what your comfort level is in fielding questions about your infertility, and then decide how far that comfort reaches in your personal circle. If you just don't want to talk to your parents or in-laws about your ovulation and rate of intercourse, don't do it! Before you head over for the next family dinner or holiday have a chat or send a quick email asking that the subject not be part of the conversation, and letting them know that you appreciate the care and support but need to be private about your feelings and your body right now.

We know that stress and fertility do not mix, so take the step of creating a less stressful space by making decisions about how and when you have personal conversations regarding your fertility journey!