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Feng Shui Baby
Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of designing the space that you live in deliberately to encourage the free flow of Chi, or universal energy. Don't believe in Chi? That's ok, it will still benefit you to de-clutter your bedroom and create a calm and restful space to restore and relax!

Start by taking a look around your room and notice, do you have piles of stuff everywhere? Are there cabinets, closet, or baskets that those piles can live in? A simple tidying up can go a long way to removing stress triggers surrounding reminders of all of the things that you need to do.

Next check out your decor. Is the color scheme in your room calm and relaxing, or is it busy and anxiety inducing? Maybe you can't repaint right now, but you can for sure take down that weird picture that's been staring at you from the corner for the past year. Finally, add elements that make you feel good, soothed, and relaxed! Maybe that means you place something that reminds you you are loved on your bedside, like a picture of you and your partner in a happy moment. Maybe it means that you add an aromatherapy diffuser, and maybe it means you just steal that really cozy throw pillow from your couch and bring it to bed.

Get cozy, and get in touch with what you need to feel calm and able to rest! And, if you want to deep dive into traditional Feng Shui, start here.