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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

5. Practice Compassion And Non-Judgment
These apply both to your children and yourself. Dr. Kuzirian shared, "I put these together because I find that they build on one another especially well. When we view ourselves and others with compassion and non-judgment we are less stressed, less depressed and have higher self-esteem. Judgement and criticism cause pain and a sense of isolation. Think about the person that is unnecessarily rude to you while you are at work. They may bring up all sorts of feelings for us. If we are in a good space ourselves we might be able to acknowledge, wow they must be having a really hard time... this compassion for someone else is not only kind but actually protects US.

"We recognize that the pain they are consciously or unconsciously causing others is not about us and this frees us to set a respectful boundary. It allows us to untangle ourselves, and our self-esteem from their behavior. If we choose to judge others, it often gets us stuck in a rut of comparison, when we do this our self-esteem is in constant flux and we get in a habit of being critical of ourselves as well as others. Mindfulness encourages us not to shut our eyes to these things but instead approach them with curiosity, openness and compassion."