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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

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22. Meet The Expert
From Dr. Kirsten Kuzirian's site, Wide Awake Parenting:

As a child psychologist, I continue to be inspired by the parents I have the privilege of working with. As they strive to care for a struggling child (as well as themselves, their other children, and their other responsibilities) I am amazed at the way they make this journey their own. Once they have reached out for the support they need, they are able to find opportunity within their personal crisis. I see them find their voice, reconnect with their child, reprioritize their personal values, and transform their family. What I have learned through my work is that we are resilient and adaptive creatures, we just need the right space and some sturdy tools. 

I use mindfulness techniques in my work and at home with my own family. It helps us to better understand our experiences and reactions to the struggles of parenting. It forces us out of auto-pilot and into a more present and awake way of perceiving our environment. I have noticed that assisting parents with their own process of mindfulness is necessary for an effective and sustained positive outcome for their child. Self-awareness empowers parents to deeply attune to their child's needs and intention setting allows us to more consistently reach our goals.