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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

6. Stay Away From Labels
Choose your words wisely. Dr. Kuzirian offered, "With our children, we can help them practice non-judgement by staying away from 'good' and 'bad' labels. When we focus on good and bad, the child's brain will start to interpret the world in this way, so we will see less flexibility and curiosity. A lot of information is missed when we judge first.

"A child overly concerned with being seen as 'good' can develop a false sense of self. They are only aware of what others want and they are not in touch with their own thoughts and feelings- the foundation of emotional regulation, which I mentioned is the foundation of a well-adjusted and confident kiddo. You can still label behaviors as kind, respectful, helpful etc. and in fact this is more useful, you are giving them more information here for what you liked about their behavior than you would've with good or bad."