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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

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20. Acknowledge Your Own Mistakes
Children need to see us admit to our mistakes. Dr. Kuzirian explained, "Remember that modeling is how our children learn, if you treated them in a way they would get in trouble for treating a sibling or friend, their trust in you and social norms degrade unless this hypocrisy is acknowledged. Also, we are teaching our child about how they should be treated, if you don't want them putting up with this kind of behavior from others don't make them put up with it from you. Our kids want to connect with us so much that they will begin to create a narrative about these interactions where they are the bad guy and that they deserve this treatment. By acknowledging that you were feeling upset, frustrated, etc and that your behavior of being short, unkind or yelling was not okay, you do not undo the interaction but you do something much more powerful- you free them from this narrative."