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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

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18. Structure Some Simple Joys
Embracing joy matters, regardless of what else is happening. Dr. Kuzirian offered, "If you are still in the midst of a crisis and a routine is impossible, create structure for your child within the chaos of not knowing what the next day, hour or minute will look like. It can be disorienting for the whole family to go hour by hour not knowing what to expect. Once you are physically safe, pick one thing each day that you can use as your child's North Star. If you are traveling to stay with grandparents, ask them to cook a favorite meal and this can be something your child can look forward to and count on. Pick even the smallest thing and refer to it throughout the day so your child has some structure to orient to. You are smoothing out the edges here of an unpredictable environment. You are also reminding them that you are here, in charge and trustworthy as always, when you say you're having spaghetti at grandma's house, you're having spaghetti at grandma's house. That hasn't changed even if it feels like everything else has."