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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

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10. Examine Your Expectations Of Yourself
And be prepared to allow them to change. According to Dr. Kuzirian, "We may have had a lot of expectations for ourselves as parents. What if you had thought you were going to make all your own baby food fresh from the farmers market but your baby wakes up every three hours and you're just happy you are functioning and they are fed, is that something you allow yourself to accept? When we can accept things we are modeling flexibility and resiliency for our children and saving us and them a lot of heartache. There is nothing wrong with having expectations, as long as  we are aware of them, we gain a lot of insight into our personal values, and what role these values play in our parenting choices. But by not accepting things we miss really important information about what is right in front of us."