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Expert Tips On Mindful Parenting (For Everything Motherhood Throws At You)

3. Learn How To Engage In The Present Moment
This might take practice, but it's worth it. Dr. Kuzirian shared, "Interacting with your child mindfully is less about the what and all about the how. First, let them take the lead, it's easier and you get to observe what this little creature wants to do most if you allow them the freedom. Don't talk so much, that's easier too, we get stuck wanting to say the right thing, so relieve yourself of that pressure. Listen. Make lots of eye contact and if you need to say something, verbally observe what your child does. You can do this anywhere, with anything they are doing. I know those moments, where our children are engaged with something they enjoy, are so easy for us to use to go and empty the dishwasher or send an email. I know you are busy. But I encourage to go join them while they are lost in their play, even just for a couple of minutes. By doing this, you are showing them how important you think they are, that you care to learn who they are, that what they think and do matters and you are modeling the ability to just be, so they don't have to start from scratch with all this in adulthood."