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Everything You Need To Know About Babywearing To Get Started

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Maybe you’ve seen other moms with babies conveniently tethered to their bodies and wondered what all the craze is about. Not only does babywearing encourage bonding and make life more hands-free for Mom, it's also pretty darn cute.

However, the learning curve can be a little steep. Just ask any mom who has tried to wrap a baby in something like a Moby for the first time. There's a ton of fabric and you have to figure out what to do with it. While YouTube videos can help, it still takes practice to get it right. And, even soft-structured carriers, like a Tula or Ergo, may take a couple tries for everyone to be happy with the experience, (some babies need time to warm up to the idea of being in a carrier).

But, not to worry. We've got you covered. From what you need to know to get started to a run-down on the different types of carriers, we'll help you figure it all out. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself so addicted to all the amazing options that you start building your own stash of carriers. Let's take a look.