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Epic Parent Fails On Twitter (That Are Also Totally Relatable)

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No one said parenting was going to be easy. It's definitely not. In fact, it's often downright hard and the only way to survive it all is to laugh about it. Enter Twitter and the ability for parents to share the humor in realtime and suddenly no one has to feel alone when they accidentally kill the class pet or hit on their son's girlfriend, (we said accidentally...). 

Because, that's the truth of it. Parents fail all the time. It's a difficult reality of parenthood, but also something that makes the experience relatable for everyone who goes through it. Your kid is going to have tantrums, there's going to be disgusting bodily fluids, and most likely, there will be some cussing involved at some point by just about everyone, (including your kids...).

Ready for some epic parent fails on Twitter that are also totally relatable? Let's take a look.